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About Us

The Yellow Balloon has been operating in Gaithersburg, MD since May 17, 2003. 

On November 1, 2006 one of the former stylists became the new owner of The Yellow Balloon Children's Hair Styling.

She is now the independent owner and also continues her role as a stylist, and has been successfully managing the salon for 

thirteen years. Having over nineteen years of hair styling experience, the current owner has been providing exceptional hair 

styling from baby's first haircuts to mommy and daddy's hair styling. 

When you walk in the salon you will see that the waiting area has toys, reading books, coloring books and fun rides for the 

children, we also have TV's at each styling station to keep the children entertained while they have their hair cut. Then we 

reward our little ones with a lollipop and a yellow balloon after their hair styling, and if you come on the weekend we also have 

popcorn all day. The team of experienced stylists invite you to book and appointment or walk-in to learn more about 

The Yellow Balloon experience.

​The Yellow Balloon
Children's Hair Styling 
255 Market Street West - Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Our Mission

Our mission is to give the safest and best possible haircut to a child in a fun environment by

a patient and experienced hair stylist and to have the child look forward to coming to us as

if s/he was going to an amusement park. Going to the Yellow Balloon Salon should be a treat

for the child as well as for the parent.
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